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Talent Profile; Matuke Therese Meango; CEO DiamondGlitz’s Designs


Talent in a while has been under estimated. Good thing is, people have began to realized that for one to fulfill their purpose on this earth, firstly they have to identify their talents.

Everyone was born with this in-built talent, but it’s left for us to find it and develop it into a successful skill.

In that light, let us look into the life of this hard-working, creative and successful lady.

Matuke Therese Meango, CEO DIAMONDGLITZ’s designs.

Matuke Therese Meango, CEO DIAMONDGLITZ’s designs

” I hail from a background that is rich in craft work. I can remember weaving baskets at a very tender age with my maternal grandfather. I can proudly say I got my craft skills from him. My grandfather told me to show much love and respect for my “fingers” because they will never fail me. That my fingers are the first tools I need in building the empire I dream of.The results are very clear. Though it hasn’t been easy, but I can boldly say , without bragging, that we getting there.

From child Hood to adulthood, Therese hasn’t stopped dreaming.
It is one thing to find your gift and another to develop it into a skill. It takes hard work, patience, continuous assessment and planning, practice etc.

In effect, she has a lot of plans for her brand .

“I wish to raise a giant network of young beaders (craftsmen and women), I will train them, create employment opportunities for them ,thus involving them in income generating activities.

That’s why we are starting our three months holiday workshop this June, to be able to empower young people in our community.

I look forward to my business growing to a point that we will start having branches in other parts of Cameroon and other parts of the world”.

Furthermore, with her experience and success in her field and in life, she gives out an advice to other girls like her.

“my advice to young people who are into or are trying to get I to this business is :

– you have to believe in your talent. It must not be in what I’m doing, maybe yours is different. Don’t let anyone talk you out of it.

-Work very hard, never stop working!

-make a lot of mistakes, cos that’s the beginning of perfection

– always pray and let the holy spirit be your source of inspiration

– be respectful and and ways try to get help from others, I bet u , u can’t do it on your own.

Nonetheless, no journey is ever easy. There are going to bumpy rides, but one thing you should do is hold tight.

Hence, to support Therese, you can place an order on any of her items.


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