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Talent Profile: Lilian Belle Menda; Creative Director and C.E.O of Entice


It is a good thing that in this new era, women have evolved largely from the kitchen into the markets. Women are now putting their God given creativity to work and making the best out of life.

In that light, on this section of our talent profile series, we are going to give you an insight into the life of a successful business woman. A woman who turned her passion into business and money source. Permit us take you into the journey of the kind of woman the world is proud of.

About Lilian Belle Menda

I am Lilian Belle Menda, the creative director and C.E.O of my delightful and unique brand called ENTICE. We beautify our wonderful clients by offering services in make-up and sales of original makeup products,nail arts,fashion clothing and accessories.

Entice Designs

Her Story

I think talking about my inspiration in business simply means when I realized my skills could earn me commercial value because I have always had that uniqueness in style and taste since from when I was a child.

From cutting my clothes my parents bought with scissors just to give me my own looks which most times got me in trouble to applying makeup I will buy in a very enticing way that called for attention.

Back in the university days,when I realized that my friends always got to me to draw their eyebrows and/or do their makeup, I now decided to ask one who approached me an amount of money which she did give me, I was amazed that she could just give me the money like that.

I then decided to place a monetary value on my services which did not end there. I thought to myself that if I should monetize this skill, then I need to increase my knowledge in it.

That made me do more research on the whole art which I realized it is a whole business on its own. My undiluted quest for more knowledge on this skill has brought me this far.

I started my fashion business too alongside the makeup services I offer due to the attention I always had when I wear my own unique designs. I started by making for a few people and due to recommendations, I got to increase my scale of production.

Of course as a business person,there are obstacles I faced and will face because challenges come to promote us,teach us and open our eyes to see more opportunities.

One major challenge I faced was at a time when I invested so much money wrongly. I did no feasibility studies on that. I just went ahead and invested and that affected my business so badly but I thank God for Grace.

There are times in business you will question if you were actually to do that business (hahahaha).

I won’t really say I wanted to give up. No I did not because my business is driven by passion. So at each time I feel things are not going the way they should, I always look back to find out where the problem may be and I correct it. This principle has worked for me and will continue to work. So I will not give up for any reason.

When a client gets to me and say,”Please make me look beautiful”, the first thing I will do is appreciate the person and make her know how genuine I think she looks because we all are unique in our different looks. My impact in my business is making all those that come in contact with my brand love their uniqueness and God-given looks first.

Whatever addition to what the come with is just an expression of how the feel at the moment not a cancellation of who they are. My goal is to make those I come in contact with see their self values, accept and be contented with what they have and see whether it is the makeup or clothing just an expression of how they are feeling at that moment in time.

I love this business because I’m addicted to seeing people look their best and confident.

Her Goals

I see ENTICE brand as the refuge and answer for all our beauty quest and also the solution center for all those who want to regain their confidence and self value.

In 5 years,we must have been topping the beauty industry in Cameroon,Africa and the world at large in quality products and services and the reference point for excellence in the fashion world. We are establishing our brand and doing basic international collaboration that will gain us more knowledge and opportunities.

Current Activities and Services

We are organizing training workshops such as the one coming up this 19&20th of October.

Book and Register for this event

Her Advice to the World

Knowledge is what will make you standout in whatever you do. As a business mogul you’ve got to thrive for knowledge and ensure you apply it appropriately.

Secondly,let your passion be your driving force in this business and always associate with those who have made it already in the field. Get yourself a mentor(s) and be humble.
God bless you.


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