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Insight On How Viban Chiara Nyuyfoni Left From Nothing To Influence


Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are but we are responsible for who we become.

No one ever wishes to have an incomplete education. we all at some points in our lives have dreamed of that high-end career or job we will achieve when we finish our education.

In a world where education matters for you to be able to be accepted in certain circles, to sit on certain tables and to enter into certain rooms, dropping out of school is not an option.

Here we see Viban Chiara Nyuyfoni, 28 years old and from the Bui Division of the North West Region of Cameroon who doesn’t let her educational mishap shatter her dreams of success.

As early as the age of 15, VIban dropped out of school because of financial constraints. her parents no longer had money to push through with her education. At this point it is easy for so many to give up, get spoiled or get involved in so many malpractices. But viban set out to doing petit jobs in order to meet up with her responsibilities and help her mother.

“I dropped out of school at 15, form 4, due to financial reasons. I set out to doing petit jobs to meet up with my responsibilities and help my mother.”

At the age of 18, Viban migrated to Nigeria in search of greener pastures. There she lived with her aunt where she studied the “Hair dressing trade” and only returned when her family needed her.

As the saying goes, never allow your background to keep your back on the ground. Viban kept pushing, she never gave up.

“at 22 I left Kumbo to Yaounde for a better market for my services. With the little money I gathered while working in Kumbo I opened a small saloon at Chapelle Obili. “.


Although her surrounding never permitted her to dream big, Viban refused to act according to the limitations of her eyes. But rather had faith that some day her dreams will come through.

“I always dreamt of owning a beauty parlour, traveling the world to render services “

Was life ever going to be easy for her, was she ever going to make it to the other side? God always has a way of showing us that he is in control. We may face challenges, go through pain but God is the one with the final say.

So long as there is life, there is hope.

Hence in the course of Vibans journey, just at the verge of giving up, God showed up and opened a faithful door for her. He gave her a supportive and pushful husband.

“After going through a lot of huddles and challenges, just when I was almost giving up God blessed me with a husband who believed in me and in my potentials and decided to support me.

He will always advise me to believe in myself, to be focused and to set goals towards which I will be working. We joined our minor incomes and set for the project of Kiki Fashion.

I was scared it was too expensive, and i could not handle such a standard since I never had any formal high level of formal education. He started by enrolling me into one of the most prestigious beauty institutes (Tempest Beauty Training Institute) where I actually obtained a formal diploma for hair dressing.

Today Kiki Fashion is born and I am proud to be a full-fledged beautician.

My dream is to build the Kiki Fashion brand across Cameroon and to go International.

With the support of my lovely husband who believes in my dreams and in my strength, we will open up second agency by 2020 and in 2021 Buea, 2022 Douala and Bamenda in 2023.”

Amazing how God turns our trials into testimonies. Nonetheless, it is beautiful to see how Viban acknowledges the help she got and decided to give back to her community.

“My center trains young girls who have dropped out from school for financial reasons at very moderate cost and will accompany them till they open their own shops.”

With all what she’s gone through, looking back and seeing all what she has come to accomplish, Viban sends out an advice to young girls who in their own way are aspiring to be like her.

“My advice to young girls is that they should be focused. They should love themselves and live a responsible life. Believe in themselves and avoid the easy way out of life because only hard work truly pays”.

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  1. Hello bizvogue, wow I have been reading your posts and dare say you guys are doing a very wonderful job by giving businesses exposure and promoting startups. Kudos 👏👏👏once more.
    Please permit me ask about this adage you wrote ” When the is a will, the is a way”. Was this done intentionally? It might a writing style, I just wish to find out.
    All the same, I will wish to humbly bring a little correction to it if you permit me “When there is a will, there is a way! “.
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