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The 3rd Edition of The Cameroon Fashion Week Just Ended In a Blasts


Gone are the days where Cameroon was looked upon as a fashion impoverished country. But not anymore because the Cameroon fashion week has tried its utmost best to debunk that belief. They have struggled to prove to the the rest of the world that Cameroon is fashion inclined and they have got taste too.


In Order to achieve this, the platform brings together a plethora of designers who showcase their designs on the runway and also exhibit them on the stands for the audience to be able to buy.


However, this years edition which is the 3rd , hosted by miss boss fashion ( A uk based designer) was a fundraising gala which aimed at supporting the less privileged women and babies during labour.

“What you wear is how you present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contacts are so quick. Fashion is instant language.” —Miuccia Prada

Nonetheless, it is safe to say the event was a successful one. The event experienced an array of activities and the atmosphere was a blissful.


The following activities took place during the event.

  • Runway showcase
  • Exhibitions on stands
  • Interviews , snapshots
  • The Cameroon top designer competition

All of these took place within 3 colorful days.


Furthermore, there was an assemblage of designers at the event. Designers from different backgrounds, colors, cultures, creative distinctions etc who all came together to portray the beauty of art and design in Cameroon.

For instance:

  • Overdose: a brand owned by 3 talented youths. They came together and created dresses that serve the streets ( Street wears), classy, and professional looks. Their dresses include; bomber jackets, blazers, shirts, suits etc.
  • Dware : A designer who’s brand fully represents the African print and purely depicts the African culture,
  • Bisi Designs: Her brand believes in colors, so she tries as much as possible to represent her creativity via the usage of so many colors.
  • Diamond glitz : Creates accessories using natural products like beads, thread etc.
  • Afriwoa Art : Believes in the beauty of an African man. So she designs a collection and pet names it as “ L’homme ideal”.

The list is long , but every designer came there with aims and that was to get exposure, meet new people , sell their brand and products. Good thing is , they all got what they wanted and everyone went home satisfied.

Note that, one of the top activities of this edition was theCameroon top designer competition” where there emerged a winner. In first place came a designer known as TNC ; a streets wear design brand. The winner went home with a trophy and will have the privilege of working with the host ( Miss Boss) for a year . In addition, he will be attending the london fashion week alongside miss boss.



the event was way beyond expectation and so amazing as the audience expressed.

  • Chanel ; A professional model from the USA could not stop praising the event. She attested to the fact that it was going to be a huge opening for the cameroon fashion industry and will go a long way to promote its culture.  
  • Brandy who is a student said; fashion is passion and if we are going to have emergence come 2035, then fashion should be a part of it.

Everyone had something graceful to say about the event despite the challenges and difficulties faced. In unison they all screamed Success.

“Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes.” —Diana Vreeland

Conclusively, the fashion industry is still at its baby stage . The lack of support and lack of push/promotion is making growth very slow. But we believe miss boss fashion alone cannot do anything, she needs the help of others to contribute and grow the industry.

The statement “ United we stand” needs to be practiced more often in this industry and when designers and well wishers start working instead of talking, the industry will grow to unimaginable heights.


  1. Merci bcp a vous de donner la chance au nouveau mannequin.vous êtes une dame au grand coeur.que Dieu continu a vous protéger de vos ennemies pour continuer tjr votre travail


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