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Insight On How S.Bonie Is About To Change The Cosmetic Game In Cameroon


Make up is like money, it doesn’t define you but it makes you look better. A woman’s beauty is not defined by the amount of make up she wears but from who she is on the inside. Notwithstanding, there’s nothing wrong with looking good on the outside. You have to keep both inside and outside clean.

S.Bonie Model

In effect, the S. Bonie brand was created to help women fulfil that purpose.

S.Bonie is Cameroonian cosmetics brand owned by Nahkala Ashley Musaga. She is Cameroon-Canadian born but has spent most of her youthful age in Cameroon. S. Bonie which in full is Saint Bonie was named after her beautiful kid. Bonie in Bali language (Mungaka) means peace.

“S.Bonie lipstick has 4 different shades for now and the shades are named after so many relatable words, tribe language etc in our Cameroonian society. We have names like Bonket which simply means Good in Mungaka (Bali Native tongue), Panthere, saint, piment rouge.

S.Bonie Lipstick

The lipsticks are both of moist finishing with a vanilla fragrance. Meanwhile the 3D mink lashes are meant to give you that gorgeous everyday look”.

Ashley from her youthful age has always been known as a make up lover and someone who always loved to look good.

‘’Nick named mami nyanga, everyone knew I was going to be something closer to make up lol. Well I’ve always admired girls in good make up. Back in the university I will use  my bestie as Guinea pig to practice my make up skills on.

Although I never fully understood it but I tried in my own little way. So, instead of becoming a makeup artist, I decided to sell make up, I decided to provide and get involved in the business of makeup.”

S.Bonie Models

However, no matter how hard we try to deny it, makeup in some sort of way builds a girl’s self-confidence. Never underestimate the power of the right shade of lipstick. If a girl’s makeup is top, she feels confident walking into any room and slaying every dragon.

S.Bonie cosmetics also, wants to eradicate the use of foreign goods. Teach others how to consume their own product, let others know it is okay to be creative in Cameroon and trust that your products will be consumed.

Furthermore, Ashley says:

“in 5 years’ time, aside from lipstick and eye lashes, I intend to expand into other make up items and why not perfumes. I’m just going to explore the market.

I with the help of my team of course, intend to host make up shows in every region in the country, open a shop, sell on jumia, amazon, spread to other African countries, get S.Bonie products to the world.

S.Bonie needs to become a house hold name and probably open  my own manufacturing factory. To be successful, you have to be sustainable”.

“I want the younger generation to know their dreams are insurmountable if they put their mind to it. It’s not like I had too much money, I have had this in mind for as long as I can remember. But when it was time to start, I started with the little I had saved.

Plus, I’m very grateful for the friends who have stood by me, supporting and encouraging me as i began this journey. It’s not going to be easy but good thing is, I’m prepared for every rain and sunshine.


Hence surround yourself with like-minded people, successful and positive people and above all get you a bestie like mine. Be prayerful.

Lastly, to get the products, they are available on all social platforms.

Facebook: S.Bonie

Instagram: S.Bonie




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