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Star Profiling : Bisi Courage Ngwa ; Creative Director of “Bisi Designs”



What will the world be without women? They are hard workers, creative, talented and at the end still be better mother’s and wives . Women are makers . They make the world a better place .

If you doubt that? Look at the life of this young woman Bisi Courage Ngwa ; Creative Director of the fashion Brand
” Bisi Designs” .


She produces clothes for a living, something she got from her Grand mom. However, it doesn’t just end at money making, she’s deeply passionate about it.

When you make someone look beautiful, you make them feel secured , and in turn build up focus and self confident people, thereby making the world a better place.

In that light,

“Bisi designs is a contemporary fashion brand that deals with the production of female , male and kiddies clothing. We also partake in the production of Ankara bags ,shoes and accessories.


It is 3 years old professionally but since my early ages I realized I had the skills of sketching and coming up with new creative ideas for clothing at a very early age.

And I would say I picked this off from my grandma who used to mark and draw on clothing with her hands.

I loved the fact that she made things look beautiful and new every time so I followed in her footsteps and would often try to create new clothes cut up and sew things with my hands . Until I got myself a sewing machine some years back and started bringing out my creations and there the whole journey started.

However, the journey for a lot of entrepreneurial youths, it’s never been easy . But no matter what, they keep their focus on the result. In other words , it is the destination that matters. The stronger the journey, the sweeter the result.

There will always be challenges but there’s nothing that can ever stop a woman who’s aiming at her goals.

“I faced a few challenges. In the context of finances because you know its not easy being a young entrepreneur and starting your own business and also in Cameroon I think we need better platforms to showcase our talents to the world .”

Now , a lady with goals and focus can be seen as very attractive. Bisi designs isn’t just comfortable with where they are, but they have bigger goals and will do anything to achieve it.

“As a business our goal is to show forth Africa’s beauty to the world through fashion. We want to be able to tell the African story and make African one to be reckoned with in the fashion world. That’s why we are working hard to spread the word about our brand.

As at now we are currently investing in the business , because in years to come we want to be able to own our own official fashion house.

So practically we are calling on sponsors and investors because bisi designs is one of the fashion brands often known for making a statement.”

Nonetheless , the world needs more women like Bisi. Courageous , bold, hardworking and a go getter .

From experience, she shares her advice to other upcoming designers.

“I would say, to the young ones or other wanting to get into the fashion business;

I would say believe in yourself and your dreams. Stay focused and keep working consistently one day it will pay off.

And also don’t just let your dreams be dreams. Try to take it to the next level by starting it doesn’t matter how you start its important you start something and let God will lead you.


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