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See how Jaja Turned her Enthusiasm into a Lucrative Business Project

CEO : Luxurious Texture Collection

Jade rose who goes by the name Jaja is addicted to hair, make up and anything that will keep a lady glowing. Like a lot of us, jaja turned her passion into a money-making business. Created her own collection but was the journey going to be laid-back?

It is easy to think ” well I’m passionate, I have the funds to start a business and so everything will fall into place ” but does it always go that way? .

“The path to success is narrow and tough”.

For instance, the fact that she’s based in the U. K is not a guarantee that she will establish a trust worthy brand easily.  

It is normal for one to think that the products (although expensive but classy) coming from abroad will invoke a mad rush but that wasn’t the case.

However, nothing good comes easy. It takes resilience, hard work and exuberance to build a brand to thrilling heights.

Jaja CEO of luxurious texture collection is about to change the hair and makeup game in the Cameroon beauty industry despite all odds.

luxurious hair

It is customary to do a particular type of business because it’s trending or profitable (of course everyone goes into business for profit) but Jaja is passionate about her line of business.

Growing up around hair dressers and make up enthusiasts, it’s hard to not be contaminated.  Which is a good thing, because jaja is here to assure good and quality hair and make-up.

However, jaja’s highest inspiration behind her business stems from so many things. But the prominent one is, she wants to be able to inspire and help others through her business feat.

Her greatest fulfillment will be to cause a lot of impact on the people she inspires.

” I don’t have to be crazy rich but I want to be a positive influence to someone somewhere in the world. I want my brand to signify hope and the sense of real, achievable goals”

Furthermore, as a business woman and an entrepreneur jaja has high expectations.

” in 5 years I should have 2 or 3 lines added to my brand hair, my own hair growth creams and my own make up items”

Luxurious Hair

Nonetheless, her business wasn’t built in a day. It took her blood, sweat and tears and is still not on the level she wants it to be.

Jaja lets us know that no matter what happens, never give up on your dream. That’s the key principle of her success

“keep trying! If it doesn’t work this time attack it from a different angle, but have a dream and never give up on it. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The power you need to make your dream come to life, lies within you.”


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