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From An Addiction to a Successful Business; Helen James Exquisite Care


At age 23 Niba Ngum Helen, Popularly known as Helen James fearlessly steps out into the entrepreneurial world. Would she succeed or not? Was not a question on her mind, as her desire to be productive and financially stable was her fuel.

The journey was not an easy one, but giving up was not a feat Helen could ever think of.

It’s one thing to be addicted, and another thing to drive that addiction into a money making business.

Helen was addicted to glowing skin, shinning elbows, knuckles etc

Helen JAmes
Glow your hands
Helen James
Glow your skin

She could not go anywhere without any one asking ” Helen what’s the secret to your skin glow”. A question which led to the birth of Helen James exquisite skin care. A brand that caters for your skin.

However, every business venture has their setbacks and obstacles. Helen faced and still faces a lot of distractions but she doesn’t let it get to her.

” To start up my business I wasn’t scared of anything. I wasn’t scared of losses, failures and etc. Once the business starts because I believe that to make it you have to risk it and risk doesn’t give me chills. ”

But along the line no business is that perfect , there will always be bombs on the road.

” The difficulty I faced for the startup was to have an honest supplier from Nigeria given the fact that I met most people online. I needed that credibility and I had no one who could help me with that all the way to Benin and Lagos. ”

Also ” I will not say my products are 100 percent successful. Product A may work with 90 persons and with 10 persons, it’s a failure and it is such a troubling experience in this journey when you have not only money at mind but customer’s satisfaction.

I’m like I NEED THAT REPUTATION and when negative feedback comes in, sometimes I feel like I’m crashing!! But well, the important thing is to always remedy situations rather than lament!”

Furthermore, being a young dynamic lady , Helen has a lot of expectations for her business growth in years to come


“My expectation is to outgrow regional recognition and reach a National level and then, the International level. For the moment, I mostly operate doing DIYs (Do It Yourself) at home not with locally seen materials.

So I intend to make available many of these products mostly raw materials which many people need but cannot have in Cameroon easily. Being a known supplier of things such as turmeric powder, carrot powder, orange peel, rose water, hibiscus dried flower and so many other products. ”

Aside being a business woman, she is an advocate for women’s right. Helen did not just choose to sell skin products because she likes beautiful skin or because she’s female.

A lot of women tend to be insecure because they are ashamed to step out or wear some certain dresses due to their body tone, black knuckles or stretch marks etc. And like every entrepreneur, Helen saw a problem and decided to bring in a unique solution.

 Helen strives to impact so many youths with her business and her success

” The impact I wish to create is to be able to put a smile on the face of many people out there. Those people struggling with stretch marks and are limited to some clothing should smile and wear the cloth they have always dreamt of.

get rid of black knuckles

Seeing them happy to go to the pool with more confidence for example is my goal. Boosting self-confidence and self-esteem of each and every person is my goal.

Helen James
Get rid of Stretch Marks

In a long run, I intend to empower my fellow other girls. Especially those women who seek a way to economically empower themselves and be independent from the constraining society we live in and male dominance. Economic empowerment of girls and women for little or no fare is my medium termed goal. ”
Fortunately for her, she doesn’t get to do all the work on her own. ” For now, I operate my business just with my great assistance from my best friend DJOUBI LAURAINE”

” Have friends who support your business the way they support celebrities they don’t know “

If you do not step out of your comfort zones and be productive, nothing will work for you. Helen despite the fact that she was a student, did not let herself sit back and wait for parents to feed her. She found her passion, she was addicted to beautiful skin and then she used it build a successful business.

Nothing good comes easy, Helen says as she gives her advice out to other girls who would want to pick up the challenge and begin the journey to their destinies .

“Generally, what I can say is NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY. I won’t want to count the challenges I faced and still face setting up this little blessing of mine.

Girls should always be able to go through anything profitable they decide to do.

I always say “my education and source of finance” is my first husband and love and dependency on a man/boy and etc. should be little or lacking. We should avoid total dependence on a second party no matter how small our very own effort may provide. Courage to us all and a lot of prayers “


  1. I’ve never been so proud of a friend like “Oli”, she inspires me in so many ways, ans that’s why i want to ne one of those people who’ll proudly advertise her products by being a live example. Thumbs up BM!!!

  2. I just can’t have enough of your products☺️
    For those who haven’t tried yet, please try so u join me in testifying. God bless your efforts girl 💕


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