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Uprising Star profiling: Nkafu Atemnkeng sulet , CEO of Afrik Fashion Trend


It’s been a proud moment scrolling through the works of our home based designers.

Design has a lot to do with creativity and to witness our youths expose their creativity in such a manner , it’s just so amazing .

At a tender age, Sulet always had a thing for dressing others . She would play toy dress up with her friends as a kid, and as a teenager , will dress actual girls ( friends) when ever they had an outing.  This action pushed her to think , surely she had the potentials for designing .  However, she did not start out or jump right into designing .

It’s one thing to have potentials on the inside of you, and another thing to bring them out . There’s always going to be several detours .

In that light,  Sulet in  2015 started off as a dancer ( her little showbiz journey) . But then, it wasn’t what she wanted.  Dancing was a hobby not her passion . So she decided to take a step forward into her destiny . Wasn’t an easy ride , but she kept pushing .

Worked at a Cameroon fashion brand Amare Cesar as marketing and sales agent. Studying the business along side, she served there for a year. Moved from there to working with Fiafa ( fredash) as a hostess .

Sulet always knew she wanted to be different , she wanted to set the pace and live her dreams . From work experience, she finally thought she’s gathered enough knowledge  to start her own fashion line.

Then came the birth of Afrik Fashion Trend.A line aimed at bringing the African culture into modern fashion.

“I have been in the industry 3 years today and the industry has been a challenging one. It’s not been easy but I must say I have gained a lot of experience and learned a lot from it. The industry today is growing big and every one is trying to step up the game as designers because the fashion sense keeps evolving and is changing. But one thing I will say as a young upcoming designer  I work with my colleagues as a team so we all grow together.” Says Sulet.

Apparently, like every other entrepreneur,  she has high expectations for her brand . And we all know no dream is ever too small or too big .

” My expectations in 5 years is looking at my brand in a wider version that is seeing AFT to be more like a factory and why not like other well known brands like Gucci , Adidas etc. and looking at the industry too to have grown big with so much good ideas and we the Cameroon industry even doing better than the other countries like Nigeria.”

Furthermore, her hard work and persistence has actually paid off , as she got nominated for best upcoming fashion designer at the Cameroon fashion Award 2018.

” The award was an amazing experience especially been a nominee as one of the Best young fashion designer.

I did learn a lot. It was a good platform for us designers. It really boosted  my spirit to Work extremely harder so I can be a winner next year or many other years to come.

An advice to all young upcoming talents. If you aspire to be on such platform; work extremely hard, brand your self, sell your self on media and many more, You will surely get there”

Lastly,  being a designer still growing and still learning the business, it’s okay for her to notice  some strengths and weaknesses . Stepping out to help others who are desiring to grow along side is not a bad idea.

” If I had one thing to change , I would change the minds of people who see people as they can be where they are , especially those at the top.

A lot of jealous minds  in the industry need to be reduced so together we build a strong foundation .

Team work is the Best I must say.. I say this from experience with  my young designers team.
we do massive team work  and today we can boast of hosting one of the 1st edition of Cameroon fashion street sales in Buea via team work”

It’s been an amazing journey so far and never despise small beginnings.  Endeavor to follow your passion and ignite it with hard work.

Below are picture of AFT designs





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