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New feud Alert : Dencia Vs Yemi Alade


Yemi Alade granted an interview last year where she said Dencia needs to get a new job. 1 year later , American based Cameroonian singer and beauty entrepreneur, Dencia calls her out on Social media. She dissed yemi out for disrespecting her.


During the interview, Yemi said Dencia’s should get a new job because she was only entertaining on the red carpet because she can not sing.

So dencia did not respond to the interview but waited till this year to reply on social media .


In a series of posts she dragged Yemi Alade and kind of insinuated that Yemi sleeps with her manager to get to the top. She shared a video where she called Yemi ugly and said she is on a higher level than Yemi.

“Yemi alade Fuck you. My Album debuted on #3 I don’t have to fuck managers & whatever to get to the Top. No I won’t stop music, my Debut album killed all of u and yes I’m bragging.Same way u called my name I’m calling yours and I did this after my album Went #3 within 12hrs not cuz I need the promo?


All love, no hard feelings just letting you know but if we ever cross paths it’ll be nothing but love from me but I couldn’t let it go (Elsa voice) had to Rub it in your face. I don’t brag about my achievements but I had to do this for the #Culture.

It’s 1-1 let’s keep it cute moving forward so please don’t respond cuz we all know how reckless I can be with my mouth. Next time all of you talking shit should go buy ur favourite album so I won’t have shit to say until then y’all missing like her edges when it’s time to support her, you all weren’t even thinking about her until I spoke about her so free press for her.

Even if my album or songs never make it on the radio or your miserable phones,u can’t take my #3 from me? Turned off comments because I don’t want anyone who supports me to disrespect or insult her, she talked shit about me I’m the only 1 allowed to defend me.”

In a different post, Dencia shared the video of the interview the Johnny crooner granted last year which angered her. She proceeded to point out all the things she’s achieved which Yemi hasn’t.


She told her that asides being entertaining on the red carpet, she is also entertaining in the board room and on the US charts and rubbed it in by telling Yemi that she hasn’t been able to achieve those.

She went on to make fun of Yemi’s edges, which looked to be receding a bit in the video Dencia shared.
She wrote:

“As an artist,I’m proud to have another job and that’s being an entrepreneur, I build my multi million $ company with 2 songs,why I’m I responding now a year later?

Well you have to beat people at their own game, she’s been in this industry working day and night right? Thinks she’s a better singer right? But now my album debuts #3 perfect time for me to talk shit because now we are talking music.

I might entertain u on the red carpet and make you laugh but I will entertain you in a board room full of CEO’s (something u aren’t) and I’ll entertain you on the US charts at #3 something u didn’t do. As an artist you stick to promoting yourself and your music and keep people’s names out your mouth. Katy Perry was counted out but where is she now ? I can go on and on.

Our blessings and style = different and same way I can say your edges need 2 find a new job right. Now all you talking shit get your edges and lives together.
This is an interview from 2016 while she was promoting an album,I found out about it when the interviewers send it to me last year, tweeted and at me like 100 times but I couldn’t talk  when musically I wasn’t doing well. Don’t expect the blogs to post this part because they want Dencia to look bad,I never look for trouble but I always end it.
The words of Dencia towards Yemi


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