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Sandra Fondufe stuns in Melanin


In an era where skin bleaching has become a necessity in the world, it is surprising how an actress of that caliber manages to maintain her skin color. Melanin is a very bright and amazing skin tone. According to the world’s standard, light skin girls have the capacity to gain more openings than melanin girls.

melanin glam

In order to follow trends, most young girls have entertained skin bleaching. Sandra on the other hand has decided to defy the odds and disregard statistics. She has closed her ear to world trends and is living according to her own trends.

Skin bleaching creams are still advertised online to aid in lightening the skin. And people are buying them. Some folks want to be anything but Black.

“dipped in chocolate,

bronzed in elegance,

enameled with Grace,

Toasted with beauty.

My lord shes a Black woman”

-Dr Yosef Ben-Jochannan

Look at how she looks so amazing in her photos. She is an influencer and hope everyone is learning how to live unapologetically black. Despite the industries pressure, peer or the pressure to be validated, be proud of your color. Be proud of being a melanin born.

sandra in melanin

Sahndra Fon Dufe (born 28 October 1989) is a Cameroon-born actress, author, screenwriter, film producer, and CEO of the Indie production house African Pictures International.



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